Friday, January 15, 2010

Not Really a Week in Review

Guys, I can't think of anything to write about today. Honestly, I've tried. So instead, here are some of the highlights of 2009 in pictures....of the kids....of course.

Amalia, born March 4, 2009

William gets overalls and a winter hat.

A trip to Mt. Rushmore

Noah, Cortni, Jonah, Josh, Savannah holding Amalia, Mariah, Drew, Zac holding William, and Sierra and Spencer on the floor. June, 2009

Spencer and Drew take on a Mammoth.

Sierra took on high school and conquered.

Noah learned how to whistle through a blade of grass.

Sierra and Mariah on Thanksgiving Day.
Sweater-vest and tie.

Jonah's baptism
Thanks, as always, for a great year!
You are loved.

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