Friday, March 12, 2010

Cakes in Review

I had a very nice birthday. In fact, it turned into three nice days. I took some time off from work, had lunches and dinners with family and friends, went shopping, saw a movie, and enjoyed two very lazy mornings. Lovely.

I had three birthday cakes this year, and each one was beautiful in its own special way. First, Cheryl brought a Snickers cake in to work on Monday – chocolate cake, thin chocolate frosting, and a thick layer of Snickers. Wow. If there is a cake heaven, and I do believe there is, then this cake will be there, and I will eat it. I will eat a lot of it. Assuming that I go to cake heaven, and I do believe that I will.

My second cake was homemade from scratch by Melissa. She’s so nice. Honestly, so nice. A bunch of us from DB had dinner at Chili’s Monday night, and she brought this cake for desert. I didn’t know that a Chili’s would let you bring in your own desert, but they did, and the waitress lit the candles, people sang, and we ate. This cake was chocolate, too, with white frosting, which was my childhood favorite. Delicious. She did a great job.

And third, on Wednesday, the birthday itself, the family got together at Marla’s. Barry and Melody bought a bakery cake – white with a thick, creamy strawberry filling. YUM! That's me yelling, "YUM!" Sierra was a bit shocked and dismayed to find a real strawberry in her filling. I tried to explain that it was, indeed, a strawberry cream, but she pointed out that that didn’t have to mean that they use real strawberries. She’s probably right. If you’re going to put fruit in dessert it should be very little and heavily covered with sugar and butter and cake and frosting. Anyway, the strawberry cream cake was delicious, and it was fun to have everyone together.

I’m really grateful to all of you who spent the time, effort and money to give me a happy birthday. And thank you, too, to all who sent birthday wishes. And for those of you who haven’t gotten there yet, 40 doesn’t feel any different than 30. In fact, the bakery guy told Melody that 40 is the new 30, so there you go. I just got a whole decade back.

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Kelli said...

Nice! I am glad you had such a great couple of days!