Friday, April 9, 2010

A Week in Review

It’s Friday morning and I am struggling to stay awake. What a week. Would you like to hear about it? Ok, let’s do A Week in Review.

I realize that I’ve been sporadic about the weekly post, or any other post, over the last few months, and I’m sorry for the frustration that’s caused my loyal fans… er, um, I mean friends who read this out of obligation. Our society has become one a public apology from someone on almost a daily basis. And while I’m sure this won’t make the local news, I’d still like to say that I’m sorry for the slow demise of A Week in Review. I’m not feeling it lately. I guess the weeks haven’t been interesting enough to write about. I’ve just been doing my thing – working and hanging out at home. Sometimes I see a movie. I like to have dinner with Barry, Melody and the girls on Sunday. I talk to Marla a lot on the phone… all a nice ways to spend my time, but not many stories there. And now I can’t think of anything more to say about not having much to say, so let’s move on.

They arrive this afternoon. I’m very excited to see them. There are lots of full family gatherings when they’re here, and I really love that. Dad is going to give my car a full physical tomorrow, hooray! I don’t know that we have any big plans for fun outings, but that’s ok. It’s just nice to have everyone together.

The West Wing
I’ve discovered a new/old tv show. Melissa rented the first season of the West Wing, and it’s awesome. So smart, and funny, and I’m amazed and thrilled by how brilliant these characters are from beginning to end. Why didn’t I watch this when it was on tv? Maybe I wasn’t home the nights it was on? Probably. Anyway, I’m happy to be watching it now, and I highly recommend it to anyone else who hasn’t seen it. So good.

Fabric Nightmare
It’s inventory time at the store. I went last night to help count Mormon Handicraft stuff – or in other words yard and yards of fabric. And we had to count the yards. Just saying “That’s one bolt of fabric” wasn’t enough. We had to count how many times the fabric wrapped around the bolt and multiply that by four to get a yardage count. It seemed easy at first, but after 4 hours of picking through the folds with a crochet hook and going so cross-eyed I couldn’t see, I was pretty much done with fabric for the rest of my life. There was, though, a great pattern with dogs driving cars that would make a lovely jumper. What a find! I might have to get my friend and sewing superstar Nicole on that…?

Unfortunate Fortune Cookies
Melissa’s birthday was March 31, a happy day for all. One of the many things I like about birthdays is that they cause me to think about the person and why I like him/her, and appreciate all that they mean to me. Melissa is a good and generous friend. We went with friends and some of her family to dinner at the PF Changs on Wednesday where we ate our fill of quality Chinese food. While opening the fortune cookies, her brother was joking about finding something not so fortunate there. He came up with quite a few. The ones I remember are “You have 48 hours left to live” and “The police are waiting for you outside”. That one about the police still makes me laugh. Can you imagine? One of you cleaver people should write up a whole series of unfortunate fortune cookies. I bet there’s a market for that out there somewhere.

I think that’s it for now. I’m going to paint eyeballs on my eyelids and see if I can get a nap in at work without anyone noticing.

Thanks, as always, for your consistent greatness.
You are loved.


Nicole said...

I don't make clothes, Smarty Pants. I'm glad I've never had to count yards of fabric because I'm really enjoying my love affair with fabric at this time.

The West Wing is so good. Brian and I watched all 8 seasons in a row last summer. He doesn't like for me to tell anyone that.

I've been wondering what your thoughts are on the new FLAGSHIP store. I hear that term and it makes me laugh a little and I think you and I should laugh about it together. And then find a way to get me a discount on some of that Zion's Mercantile china. Ha!

Melissa said...

I am glad that you are enjoying the West Wing. It is a good show! Thanks for hanging out with me on my B-day, it was a great day! I hope you have a great time with your parents here.

Tiffany said...

No need to apologize, I completely understand. Feeling a little sluggish in the blog myself. I'm glad your parents are there! And I will definitely be thinking of unfortunate fortune cookies all day. I like the police one, too!