Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Pictures

We're having a big family reunion in Minnesota on July 24, and in preparation my cousins have set up a "Descendants of Olaf and Corinne" page on Facebook. They've started posting pictures, and that's were I found these great, great photos. I'm so excited to have them. Here is Dad's family.

Olaf and Corinne with my dad, Owen (standing), and Blaine

Dad and his siblings, Blaine, Lois, Janet, Will and Alan. Three more would come later - Diane, Donna and Joan.

What a treasure.

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Nicole said...

I want a bigger version of that first one because from this far away Corinne looks a lot like you. Yes? Love old family pictures. It's fun to see where people get what when it comes to their faces and such. :)