Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet

I was looking through the blog and realized that I haven't really written anything for almost two months. What the heck? I suppose the fact that there have been other kinds of posts here tells you that I'm still alive, but I thought I'd send confirmation out to the blogosphere just for good measure.

The truth is, there's nothing going on with me. Oh sure, there's the usual getting up and going to work and going home, having dinner, watching tv, reading and going to bed routine interspersed with shifts at the bookstore and an occasional movie. I still drink too much Diet Coke and start a new eating plan every Monday (Melissa came up with a "game" to help us stay off the sugar. We put out a jar and had to put a dollar in it every time we had a treat. I put my dollar in the first two times I cheated, and then just started cheating on the treats and the dollar. She was telling me one day about all of the times she's thought about eating something but then remembered that it would cost her a dollar, and I finally came clean, "I've totally been cheating on that." Badly done, Angie. Badly done). But nothing in my day-to-day has seemed blog-worthy. I don't want to bore you anymore than is naturally unavoidable.

Of course, it's not that there's anything wrong. I'm happy enough. No big problems clouding my mind or making me retreat into a dark abyss. I am starting to feel some anxiety over the looming Christmas season at the bookstore (is it really time for that already?) and am practicing some relaxation techniques to get me through it. Actually, over the last few months I've come to appreciate my DB friends more, and have taken strength in the fact that we're all in this together. Sure the days can be long and frenzied, but my job is no worse than theirs, and if they can get throught the holidays without killing someone than so can I.

So anyway, this post has no point, other than to check in, acknowledge my own presence, and to say that I haven't forgotten any of you. I hope you haven't forgotten me.

You are loved.


Nicole said...

I haven't forgotten. I used the phrase "pipe down" re: missionaries at visitors' centers just for you. We could have been telling senior missionaries to "pipe down" all those years! Anyway, we need to have a moment before the holiday craziness starts. I have something kinda huge happening around that time as well, so let's get on it.

Tiffany said...

You are loved back, especially because you cheated on the sugar/dollar game. My kind of girl.