Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Week in Review

Hello All! It’s a pre-Christmas, Wednesday edition of A Week in Review. So if you’ll please take your seats we’ll get started.

Now I know that there are lots of reasons why people are still not done with their Christmas shopping, most of which are invalid. Some are ok. One year my sister-in-law had pneumonia the first few weeks of December, so she got a pass on the procrastination. But I digress; the real reason for this paragraph is to give you a word of warning – if you do go out shopping these next few days don’t expect retail workers to have any Christmas cheer left. Honestly, at this point, we couldn’t care less if you get what you want for Christmas. We’re worn out. Having said that….

Merry Christmas!
After today I am done with work and my parents will be here! They arrive Thursday afternoon. I’ve got the apartment clean and decorations are up. I washed some sheets. I kind of gave up on guessing what they might like to eat, and asked Mom if we could go to the grocery store when they get here. Is that lame? She didn’t seem to mind. We’re having a family Christmas Eve with all of the siblings and their families and lots and lots of food!

Mom told me that she and dad have been practicing the fine and beautiful art of Tai-chi (I can’t help smiling when I say that). They’re going to bring their dvd and start the day with some meditation and very slow movement, with their hands in a kung-fu grip. No wait, I think it’s that board chopping position. Anyway, it’s all going to be very Zen. She seemed to suggest that I get up and do some Tai-chi with them, but I can imagine that happening, because it involves getting up, and Tai-chi. Actually, I think it’s great that they do this, and if it keeps them feeling good then I’m all for it. Isn’t it strange, though, the things parents pick up as they get older? I never would have guessed it. I suppose they think the same thing about me.

In other Christmas fun – I went to a high school Christmas concert on Monday, haven’t done that since I was in them more than 20 years ago. Mariah is in the bell choir, and she did a beautiful job. Actually, the whole concert was quite good. We ended with a rousing rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus with full orchestra and choir. And, before the concert, Sierra showed me her picture in the trophy case! Her academic decathlon team won the regional championship a couple of years ago. Nice.

I have a good friend named Joel who has done some beautiful work with designing and hand making jewelry. The pieces are all centered on the theme of staying close to loved ones where ever they are, especially with children as they grow up and move away. Each piece comes with a story based on that theme. I couldn’t do it justice trying to describe it, so here is the link and you can take a look.

I think that’s it. Merry Christmas to you all! I do hope that you have fun, that you love your gifts, and that you find some quiet, peaceful moments, too. Thanks as always, for your constant care.

You are loved.

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