Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Little William is talking more and more all the time, but still doesn’t fully pronounce all of his words. I was at their house a couple of weeks ago. William was jabbering away and said something about Jonah. Jonah said, “When he says my name it sounds like Jerk!” I listened more closely and yeah, it kind of did, very funny.

Last week I was back at their house, and William was talking to Jonah, and Jonah got a look of frustration and hollered, “Quit calling me Jerk!” We tried to explain that William thinks he’s saying Jonah, and that he doesn’t really even know what a jerk is. Jonah wasn’t too sure.

So yesterday I was talking to Marla on the phone, and then William got on to say hi. Marla said, “William, show G how you say Jonah”, and William said very carefully, “Jo-nah”, slowly and with two distinct syllables. Marla said, “Jonah worked with him on it all day.”

Nice work, Jonah. It’s always good to know when to take charge of the situation.

Sweet William
And Jonah on his last birthday.


Tiffany said...

So cute, those two!

Clarks said...

And Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Thinkin about you all day - hope you had all the diet coke you could handle!!! You are loved by Jimmy & I!!!