Monday, June 6, 2011

A Conversation with William

William and I were talking on the phone today. He started with, "Hel-wo G!" and I giggled because he's so cute. He told me what he was doing with his day, and what his family was doing, and then he said, "My daddy at work."

Me, "Your daddy's at work?"
"Yeah. You have a daddy?"
"Yes, I have a daddy."
And then Will asked, "What his name?"
Stifling a laugh, "Owen".

How interesting.

What he doesn't know is that my parents will be here on Thursday! I told Marla that we'll have to introduce William to our dad.

It's funny, though, isn't it, when kids start putting all of that together? I remember learning that my mom had a name, and it blew my mind. Realizing that parents have parents and siblings... it opens up a whole new world.

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