Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It is Kind of Funny

I was at Marla’s on Sunday afternoon, and of course spent most of the time following William around. We went into the backyard where he showed me their garden and a big pile of fertilizer that they had just had delivered. He said, “That’s cow poop.”  Ha, I started to giggle, and told him not to climb in the pile of cow poop. He agreed, in all seriousness.

William has a friend about his same age who lives in the house on the other side of the backyard fence. We’ll call him Olie. While we were in the yard he spotted Olie and started hollering to him. He ran over to a lawn chair that was very strategically placed right up against the fence, climbed up on the seat, the arm, and then to the top of the very back of the chair where he could just reach the top of the fence and pull his little chin over it. From there he and Olie had a shouting match that only they could understand. Every now and then he’d turn around and repeat to me what was going on over the fence. Olie has a little dog named Sadie. She showed up in their backyard and William hollered at her, and then turned to me to tell me about Sadie, and then he said…

“Sadie poops EVERYWHERE!” It was the beginning of a rant of gibberish that was so cute I couldn’t stop laughing.

William stopped and looked at me, almost in disgust, “Poop’s not funny, G.”

“I’m sorry. You’re right.”

He explained to me with all of his 4-year old exuberance exactly why poop isn’t funny, including something about it getting on his foot.  All from the top of his chair, up against the fence.

There was another time when we were talking on the phone that he went off on something going on in their house. I don’t remember now what it was, but he had strong feelings. I was laughing, of course, because he’s adorable, until he stopped the discussion to ask me what I was laughing at. I guess I’ll have to take him more seriously from now on. But look, look at how cute he is! How can I help it?

His 4th birthday, and yes that is a Legos garbage truck on his cake, and it was awesome.

I’m in a new class with BYU-Idaho (online) in my life-long attempt to finally finish my degree. It’s a research and writing class, and we are asked to pick a topic that we will work and re-work for the entire semester. I’ve decided to look into the post-World War II history of Korea. As most of you know, my sister, and William’s mom, Marla was born in Korea and spent a few years in an orphanage there until my parents adopted her in 1975. She has vague memories of her life there. I’ve decided to use this opportunity to really learn about what was going on in the country at the time, and to understand the world she was living in. If the final paper is worth printing then I’ll put it into a book for her and her boys. I love Marla so much. She’s one of my greatest blessings, and I don’t know why I didn’t do something like this sooner.

In other news, and kind of related because Marla went to this event with me, my good friend Joel hosted a backyard concert at his home on Sunday. He sang several songs that he had written and recorded with Afterglow, all about faith and hope in the Savior. It was a beautiful evening, perfect weather, good music, all very, very nice.

It seems that the blogging world is fading. I don’t post much anymore, and neither do most of you, my friends. But, I keep looking for news from you, and will still share things here and there.

Thanks, as always, for checking in. You are loved.

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