Monday, June 30, 2008

Yesterday at church our Stake President announced boundary changes to our ward. I know for some stakes in newer communities this happens all of the time, but we are in an older, very established community, and some of these folks have been in this ward with the same people for 20+ years. It's a big change for everyone. Those who are being moved into another ward had advanced notice by way of a meeting with the Stake Presidency earlier in the week. On Sunday, after the announcement, the Bishop opened up the meeting for testimonies, and some of those who are moving got up to share their feelings - mostly they just said thank you.

Hearing them talk about the relationships they've built with each other got me to thinking about the people who've moved through my life. I've been very fortunate to have rubbed elbows with some of the best - including those of you who are reading this now. There's my family, of course, and close friends. And then there are all of those who have come and gone: kids from high school, my young womens leaders, college roommates, my favorite professors, mission companions, my mission president and his wife, people we taught, coming home and back to Utah and having countless more roommates, and then all of the people I've worked with. Especially the people I've worked with. They've become some of the best friends I've ever had. There are so many who've played a significant role in different stages of my life, and even though we've all moved on don't see each other any more (or at least not like we used to), they are a part of me, and I think of them with real gratitude.

I'm grateful, too, for those who I haven't had relationships with, but who still have influenced me. I've had teachers and leaders who inspired me to be better every time they spoke. I look at some of the women in my ward now and think, "That's what I want to be when I grow up." They've shown me what it means to be a strong woman and a strong church member, and I love being there with them every week.

So today I feel lucky to have always been surrounded by good people. You've made my life a happier place, and I love you all.

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Kelli said...

It is so true. How is it that people we haven't worked with or seen in so long can still have such influence on our lives and draw such good feelings from our hearts. I think I saw a picture at DB once something about Some people come into our lives and leave footprints in our hearts! Why don't you look that up for me and find it in an oak frame. He-He.