Monday, September 15, 2008

Every Family Has a Similar Story

My nephew learned a curse word from his father, my brother Courtney. Court does cuss every now and then. Of course he does. He's one of a family of cussers. We are farm kids, after all, and Dad is a master of the four-letter words. Court's language isn't awful. He just has a word or two that he'll mutter when frustrated or angry, and apparently he's muttered them a few too many times in front of Spencer.

It was last Friday. I was in the car with Courtney, his wife Andrea, and their boys, Spencer (4) and Andrew (2) on our way to my nieces wedding. Something upset Drew and made him cry. Spencer said, "His crying is hurting my ears!" Drew let out another howl, and Spencer yelled, "Damn it!" And then everyone (except for me) was yelling at Spencer. Nice.

I didn't think too much of it when it happened, but later remembered the whole scene and couldn't stop laughing. So funny. I give the kid credit for his execution. He used the word in perfect context and with great inflection. Well done. I mentioned this to Andrea, and she begged me not to laugh at (or congratulate) Spencer should I ever hear him swear again. I promised.

I do intend to tell you all about my weekend with the family and my niece's wedding, and to share pictures. It'll probably happen tomorrow. And then I'm leaving for Minnesota! So exciting.

More later...

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Kelli said...

I laughed out loud or lol as my yw say! He did use it correctly. I am impressed, but I do know Courtney and Andrea's pain! Have a fun week!