Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Weekend in Review

Hello all. I don't have much time to write, but wanted to share some pictures from my weekend with my family. Mom, Dad, Courtney and Andrea and their boys were all here for my niece Cortni's wedding. (For those of you wondering about Courtney/Cortni, here's a brief review. My youngest brother's name is Courtney. When Aaron and Kristi got married, she had a daughter named Cortni from a previous marriage. The one was not named after the other. We just lucked out and got two of them.)

Gardner Village
On Thursday all the girls went to Gardner Village together. We love that place. It's just so cute, and the shops are great. I found all kinds of fall decorations that I feel I must have. We at lunch at Archibald's, which was very good, and then did lots of shopping. It couldn't have been better. The little boys were fascinated by the duck and fish pond. Have you seen the fish in that pond? They're gigantic! Gold fish the size of small dogs. I was scared. The boys seemed to be OK with the mutant fish, although I'm very sure that if the little one had fallen in, he would have been swallowed whole.

The village is decorated for fall. Here are Spencer and Andrew with some very large pumpkins.

The Wedding
The wedding was Friday evening. It was held at the home of a family friend of Aaron and Kristi's. They have a very large backyard that is beautifully landscaped, and a small building decorated with a French theme. It's hard to explain. You'll just have to trust me when I say that it was gorgeous.

Cortni cried through most of the ceremony - very happy tears. I don't know that I've ever seen her so happy. It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that she's grown up now, and married. So strange. I'll admit that I cried during the ceremony, too.

There she is with Aaron, Kristi, and her new husband Brad.

And with her little brother Noah.

The cake and bouquet were beautiful.

This Is the Place

On Saturday some of us went to This is the Place Heritage Park. Kind of my mom's idea, and a good one. We had fun. The kids rode on trains, and ponies, and played in a miniature pioneer village, and combed out wool that was spun into string. And they ran. All over the place. For hours.

Here's Marla and her boys on the train, which took us on a tour of the park.

Everyone left for home on Sunday. It wasn't too hard to say goodbye because I will be in Minnesota with them tomorrow. Still, I felt a bit lonely after they were gone. It was a great weekend.

Thanks as always.

You are loved.

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Nicole said...

Where are the ducks and stuff at Gardner Village? We were there a few weeks ago and I told some poor family that there are no ducks at Gardner Village - keep walkin'.

The red and orange flowers at Cortni's wedding look so beautiful together.

Hope you're having fun in Minnesota!