Monday, November 24, 2008


I think I've mentioned before that the average age of my coworkers here at the COB is 68 years old. All of them are hard of hearing, which means that all of them have the volume on their computers turned up to its maximum level. Every now and then, someone will get an email with a video or song or some other loud thing attached, and it comes blasting out of their offices for the entire floor to hear. Sounds like a dance party is going on. Sometimes the same email will get passed around to all of us, and so I hear it about 15 times in one day. Right now I'm listening to the noise from two different computers. I'm not kidding. Two different email attachments are coming at me in stereo.

Aren't there noise ordinances or laws? I'm sure they must apply here. I'm going to turn these people in as public nuisances.


Nicole said...

Remember when Ed had a slide show as his screen saver and O My Father would come blasting out of his office when he inevitably left for one of his many breaks? I went in there so many times and turned the volume on his computer down all the way. I blame him for me disliking that song now.

Kelli said...

Ha-ha. It may be miserable for you but it makes for a fun story for me to hear so it is all worth it! Guess what I found Blake on Facebook. Good ole Blake. I worked with some great people! You of course being the favorite!