Monday, December 1, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello Everyone. I'm sorry for the long absence. I had last Thursday and Friday off at the COB for the holiday, and didn't touch a computer the entire weekend. It was a nice break.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It started Wednesday night - Melissa and I went to see the new movie "Australia". It’s very good, a huge, larger-than-life epic starring a very handsome man named Hugh Jackman. I have a new love for Hugh. He's dreamy.

Thursday morning I slept in forever. Always being the dinner guest at someone else's house, I don't have to do much cooking (if any), and so am able to sleep and be lazy all morning. It's the best. I recommend this course of action to anyone.

Dinner was at Barry and Melody's house. I got there about 1:00. Sierra, Mariah and Savannah were playing Wii games, so I joined in. I am the world's worst video game player - extreme lack of practice I suppose. Still I sometimes like to play, and the girls like to laugh at how very, very bad I am. It's fun for everyone. We did some Wii bowling, and then baseball, and then it was about time to eat.

Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best moments of the entire year and should be treasured. I told Melody that I was going to eat very slowly and make it all last as long as possible. We had all the traditional food: turkey, potatoes, stuffing (LOVE STUFFING) plus a delicious rice and broccoli dish that they make every year. It was heaven. Melody got out her fancy plates and crystal glasses for the occasion, and the girls just loved it. They get so excited about a fancy table. I remember my mom having glasses that she saved for special occasions, and I felt the same way when she got them out. Funny all of the emotions that are tied to little things. Dinner was all it was meant to be - good food, good company, and a good, full tummy when it was over. I love Thanksgiving!

Melody and I went for a long walk that afternoon. When we got back Barry and the girls were in the middle of an intense game of Scattergories. I joined in, and then, after a few rounds of that, we got out Apples to Apples. What an awesome game. We have so much fun with it. Sierra and I like to take each other on. Neither one of us ever wins the whole game, but if we can best the other, then we feel pretty good. Sierra beat me this time, which I think is the first time she’s ever beaten me. (Sierra, if you’re reading this I’m sure that you just made a “whatever” face, but you know it’s true). We played until it was late and time for me to go home. It was a great day, very relaxing and fun.

I did my best to avoid all shopping on Friday, but that afternoon found myself at Target buying toilet paper, which is something that you simply can not delay buying. All of the crazies must have come and gone by the time I got there because I got through the store with very little trouble. No half hour in line, no shopping cart rage or screaming children, all in all not too bad.

Saturday I went to work at Deseret Book mentally and emotionally prepared for a challenging day, but my preparation was all for nothing. We weren't that busy. In fact, I had a good deal of down time at the registers. People were shopping, of course, and spending good amounts of money, but the Christmas time intensity wasn't there. My friends and I have noticed for a few weeks now that it hasn't been as busy as it should have been, being so close to Christmas, but I really thought that once we got through Thanksgiving the shoppers would come out in mobs. I was wrong. It's strange, and a little disconcerting. We've all heard so much about the state of the economy, but until now it felt to me like something that was happening far far away on Wall Street or in Washington DC. Saturday at the store brought it closer to home, and it felt a little bit sad. It'll be interesting to see what the next three weeks bring.

It is good to be back at work at the COB today. This place is beautiful in December. I'll take some pictures and post them soon. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tiffany said...

I really love your writing. There must be something in the water in Minnesota. I'm jealous.

Kelli said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like a wonderful day! Dinner, family, Wii, games, walk... everything sounds ideal! I have been wondering if DB has experienced any changes. They say that books and art are the first thing people stop buying when they are nervous about money. I am sure I will go into a DB and plop down some moola sometime this month just to do my part!

Sierra said...

haha. I did indeed give the "whatever" face. it's the most practiced (especially when around the 'apples to apples' time of year) :)