Friday, February 20, 2009

A Week in Review

Hello all. It’s time once again for the award winning weekly column A Week in Review. Actually, I haven’t won any awards, it’s just fun to say.

Have you been working out?
Yes, I have been working out! This week I started an exercise program. I’m walking during my lunch hour at work (been doing that for a while), and this week added some upper body work with weights. I do that at home in the evening. Years and years ago, Melody and I got together at her house almost every day to exercise along with Cindy Crawford and her Ultimate Challenge workout video. I was in pretty good shape then. This last Monday I dug out that video, picked up my weights, and for the first time in a decade did a real arms, shoulder, chest and back workout. It hurt all day Tuesday, and on Wednesday, and I thought to myself, “This can’t be good for me. What was I thinking?” Yesterday I tried it again (against all reason), starting with some yoga to stretch out, and then the weights, and it felt good. I still feel good today. It is amazing how quickly exercise can make a girl feel better. My head is clear, I feel a bit more toned, and I’m in a better mood. It’s good. Now I just have to stick with it.

Next week I give up sugar – cookies, treats, desserts. Making changes on step at a time. No more of those delicious chocolate muffins like the one I ate about 10 minutes ago. Goodbye muffins. I will miss you.

I’m looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday. Earlier this week Melissa mentioned inviting some people over for a little party. At first I thought “What? People in the apartment? Why? Why would they come in here?” But after giving it some thought, I’ve decided that it might be fun, and I might actually participate. It’s at times like this that the introvert in me really shows itself, but I will try to ignore her.

Melissa and I are both movie fans, and we see a lot of them in a year. I’ve seen most of those up for awards. Some I liked, some I didn’t. We did go to Slumdog Millionaire, which is likely to win best picture. It’s good, very good. Part sad and tragic, part very happy. I was actually more entertained by Benjamin Button, but if Millionaire wins I won’t balk at it. Like I said earlier this week, it’s important not to take anything Hollywood/celebrity too seriously. I do love movies, and am a real fan of some actors and musicians, but I try to keep a healthy separation between being a fan and being obsessed to the point of mental anguish when something or someone goes wrong. So, we’ll watch the Oscars. I’ll love some of the dresses and wonder what eye shadow and lipstick so and so is wearing. I'll be disappointed if Kate Winslet doesn’t win, and then will go to bed and sleep soundly. It should be a good night.

Every now and then I get a card with a letter from my dad. He sent one this week, and it made me happy. Dad writes good letters. There’s usually something about the weather and the work he’s doing. If it’s summer time then he’ll give a report on the garden. There are always little phrases interjected that are smart and funny. I hadn’t realized until these letters that he’s a good writer. He does read a lot, which I think helps a person’s writing skills.

In fact, I often credit dad for my own love for books because he read to me when I was young. Almost every night he’d sit on my bed and read Marla and I a story. Some of them were from a collection of children’s picture books on American history – so awesome. I remember one night he was reading to us, and I fell asleep, so he got up to go. I heard the light switch go off, sat up and asked if the story was done. He laughed, and then sat back on my bed to finish it. Good job dad. Well done.

It’s a coworker’s birthday, and there’s cake. I did have a chocolate muffin…but I am giving up sugar next week, so I should have some while I still can, don’t you think?

It’s my nephew Noah’s sixth birthday today. He’s a cute boy, and lots of fun, and he comes with his own special story. Aaron and Kristi had Cortni, who is 21, but not able to have more children. After several years of trying all of the medical options they decided to adopt, and went through the process with LDS Family Services and then started the long wait to be chosen by a birth mother. By the time Noah came along, it had been about 10 years of hoping a praying for another child. I remember well the day that my mom called to tell me that they were getting a baby. My eyes teared up, and I thought, “This little boy gives a perfect brightness of hope to anyone who knows what it’s like to wait for the things they want most.” He’s brought Aaron and Kristi a lot of happiness.

I think that’s it. Thanks, as always for your kind attention.
You are loved.


Tiffany said...

Have cake while you can! Enjoy the Oscars, an apartment filled with people, and your sugary snacks. This is the highlight of my Friday!

Kelli said...

You may inspire me to start exercising a bit more! Except the whole sore part....
Enjoy your cake! Thanks for the update and enjoy your Oscar party!