Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Facebook Profile

I took a facebook quiz the other day and found out that I should be living in Maine, so I’m starting to pack. I’ve never been to Maine, don’t have a job or friends or family there, but the facebook quiz must be taken seriously, so here I go.

I’ve taken loads of facebook quizzes, and have never known myself better. For example, if I were a character from a classic novel, I’d be Elizabeth Bennet of "Pride and Prejudice". My designer label is Louis Vuitton, and my cosmetics soul mate is Dior.

If I were to be spirited away to the magical land of Middle Earth to play a role in the Lord of the Rings, which could totally happen, I’d totally be Frodo. Or, if I get the chance to go to Hogwarts I’ll go as Hermione Granger. Transformer – Optimus Prime. Of course I’m Optimus Prime, he’s the leader of the autobots, who are the good guys, and he totally kicks ***. What else would I be?

Ever wanted to now what band instrument best displays your personality? Facebook will tell you. I happen to be a clarinet. My personality's color is also available - a nice shade of melon.

Debra Messing should play me in the movie about my life. Finally I’d have red, curly hair! My Euro-persona is British, as it should be, and my birth number is 3, which means that I’m an idealist, very creative, social, charming, romantic, and easygoing. I’m left-brained, according to the brain game. Left-brained people tend to be analytical, logical and rational. How does that fit in with idealist and romantic? I don’t know, but it’s got to be right. I took a quiz!

The first facebook quiz I took had something to do with which celebrity you are, or are most like, and my answer was Will Smith. I was surprised to learn that I am a black man, and after some serious thought I decided that maybe those results aren't exactly on. Seriously, I’ve taken all of these quizzes with a grain of salt ever since. It is fun to go through the questions and find out “who you are”. I don’t mind being compared to Elizabeth Bennet, or Optimus Prime, but Louis Vuitton? No, that’s not me. None of it’s really me.

I have to admit, though, I do think that I would like Maine.


Nicole said...

Facebook is the worst. It's always taunting me to find out if my IQ is higher than these five people who are friends with me. I know for a fact that those friends did not take the IQ test and I still feel a little bit like I should take the test just to make totally sure that I am, indeed, smarter than those five friends. Whatever, Facebook! Bah.

Kelli said...

Facebook is really all you need to discover who you are and what direction your life should take! What a blessing.

Tiffany said...

Oh my, you've really out done yourself on this one! I'm giggling.

Elise Peterson: said...

What?! Why are we not friends on Facebook?!?!?! This is an outtrage! I demand steps be take immediatley to fix this national travesty.

Elise Peterson: said...

By the way, when there are two t's in "outtrage" that means it's pretty dang serious....not that I misspelled it or anything....