Friday, August 7, 2009

A Week in Review

Hello! It’s Friday, and the weather here has finally cooled down, only 78 degrees today, and I am going to take a good walk up through Memory Grove and City Creek Canyon in about half an hour and am really looking forward to it. Before that, let’s talk about A Week in Review.

Speaking of talking, William likes to talk on the phone. He’s not actually saying words yet, other than hi, but he loves to be on the phone and to listen to me talk to him. Every time I call Marla, he wants to talk, and then he doesn’t want to give the phone back to her. The solution to this is that Marla gives him one phone, and then she uses the other, and he actually stays on the line with us for our whole conversation. He listens, and then will shout something out, so we talk to him, and then he’s quiet again while we talk. It’s the funniest thing. He has a little “desk” set up in the living room with a toy computer, and sometimes he sits there while on the phone, just like a grownup. So cute.

I’m reading a great book called “Housekeeping” by Marilynne Robinson and am loving it. I picked it up on a recommendation from my good friend Nicole, who’s kept it as a favorite for years. It’s told from the perspective of a young girl who has lost her parents, and is living with her sister and her aunt. The story goes back to tell about her grandparents and then her mother, and it’s just so beautifully done. Robinson also wrote “Gilead”, which I was carrying on about a few months ago. I don’t know the words to describe her writing other than deep and beautiful. It’s a joy to read, and compared to her so many others seem hollow. Go get this book. Right now.

I watched the finale of So You Think You Can Dance last night (man that’s a long name for a show), and it was wonderful. I didn’t really have a favorite to win, every one of the final four were great, so I just enjoyed the dancing. I know I go on about SYTYCD, and that’s a little bit cheesy, but some of what they do honestly touches my heart. There were dances this year which so perfectly expressed real struggles, like addiction, breast cancer, the journey through life, and it’s just remarkable to me that they can so perfectly and fluidly express all of the emotions just with movement. I’m amazed. I’ve honestly cried watching them. Another season is starting up again in September (am I ready to jump back in so soon?), so if you haven’t tried this show yet, there’s another chance.

Here’s something from last this week’s finale, the one about life’s journey. I love how they go back and forth, and then stop and center their focus in the right direction, so metaphorical, and beautiful.

That's it for this week. Thanks, as always, for your own lovely loveliness.
You are loved.


Tiffany said...

Thank you for posting that dance. For some reason, my local network screwed up and was showing a commercial during it and suddenly flipped to the show for the last three seconds of the dance! Baaa!

Anyway, thanks for posting it. It's so beautiful!

Kelli said...

I have loved watching all the dances you have posted! I have never watched the show but I have really enjoyed seeing the best dances through you! I too am enjoying the cooler weather! I wish I worked in a bookstore so I had access to good books again. I am glad for your recommendations! Have a great weekend! PS I ran into Russ Morley at LDSBA this week and he is totally on board with doing a DB reunion. He even offered his home. So start making a list of all the old timers!