Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where I'm From

I’m copying something that Tiffany did earlier this week. She said we could try our own, so I hope she doesn’t mind, or feel too plagiarized.

Where I’m From
I am from an old two-story house
In Alexandria, Minnesota,
from cruising our block on a yellow tricycle,
And then learning to ride a purple bike
With a banana seat and training wheels,
And flying high on a rope swing in our back yard.
I am from sitting in Dad’s guitar case
While he played and sang.
I am from having stitches in my head twice
Before I started kindergarten,
One of those leaving a scar on my forehead,
Which is one of the reasons why I’ve always had bangs.
I am from moving out to the country when I was 6 years old,
To a four bedroom house with one bathroom.
Mom papered our bedroom wall with big daisies,
And put Holly Hobby decals on our white dresser.
I am from playing football in the yard with my brothers.
I am from long drives to church every Sunday, and
A prayer each night and the dinner table.
I am from riding my bike down the gravel road
To my best friend’s house.
I am from riding on the tractor,
Learning to drive a truck and a big green van.
I am from family reunions at Eagle Lake.
I am from road trips in the green van to see my grandparents
In Wichita, Kansas, and an aunt and uncle in Chicago.
I am from my dad reading to me,
And me reading to my little brother.
I am from spoiling that little brother,
And him making me laugh til it hurt.
I am from admiring my other brothers,
And wanting them to like me.
I am from finally learning that they do.
I am from high school years filled with band, choir,
The speech team and the yearbook staff,
And wanting to be popular.
I am from a grand adventure
To Idaho, to Rick’s college,
and then on to Salt Lake City,
and a mission in California.
I am from faith in my Heavenly Father,
Belief in Christ,
The guidance of the Holy Ghost.
I am from a whole load of friends,
Coworkers, acquaintances,
And people whose examples I've admired from a distance.
I am from painful disappointments
And unexpected joys.
I am from good places,
and look forward to all the places still ahead.


Julie Weiss said...

That's great! Hey, where did you serve your mission in California? I served in the Santa Rosa, California mission. :)

Tiffany said...

Loved this! I'm so glad you did it. The details are delicious!

Kelli said...

I also love this Angie! I love hearing about your adventures. I now have many questions. Like how did you get the scars? Do you still have your purple bike? Are there still daises on your wall?