Friday, February 5, 2010

A Week in Review

Hello All. How do you feel about reviving A Week in Review? I feel ok about it, so let’s go.

I have a new tv show, and it’s called Community, and man is it funny. It’s on Thursday nights at 7, the lead-in to NBC’s much-loved must-see Thursday (I just used a lot of hyphens), which is pretty much the only thing that network is still doing right (my apologies for jumping on the boooo to NBC bandwagon. I’ve been watching way too many awards shows lately and it’s all they talk about). I don’t know that this show gets much advertising or promotion, but it should because it is good, and if they want it to stay on the air as much as I do, then someone needs to start letting people know about it. I started watching just because it is on before the other Thursday night staples, The Office, 30 Rock. Now I find myself laughing out loud more often at this than at any of the others, and then I’ll rewind and watch parts again. It’s comedy gold. And it’s followed by Parks and Recreation – good too.

Speaking Of
We got the DVR a couple of months ago. I honestly could not have cared less about it before we had it. In fact there was a time when I thought that basic cable was way too much money, more than it’s worth. The money people will pay just to watch television is astonishing! But, Melissa found a good deal on adding the DVR, so I said, “Fine, whatever.” And now I love it. I feel like I’ve compromised my own personal moral values in falling in love with DVR, because it is just television and shouldn’t play such a deeply emotional part in a girl’s life, but man is it nice to know that a show is recording, and to fast forward through commercials, and the re-watch scenes. It’s a beautiful thing.

Technically Challenged
I like to think that I’m up on the workings of this new, high-tech world we live in. The people that I work with think that I’m a computer wizard because I can answer their questions, which are usually something like, “How do I make this print?” or “How do I save this document in my file?” I’m not making that up to be funny. They really ask these questions. It’s because the average age here is 71 years old. When I tell them how to do what they want to do, I get a lot of, “You’re a genius!” and “Oh Angie, you’re so smart.” It’s good for the soul, but it’s also given me a bloated image of my technical savvy. In the real world, I’m not so hot. I was reading a post from Tiffany earlier this week, and she was talking about all of the songs she’s been downloading lately, and I commented on the fact that I have never, not once, downloaded a song. Never. The closest I’ve come is downloading two ringtones for my phone (Coldplay, awesome), and even then I kind of screwed it up and paid way more money for them than I should have. I’ve never handled an iPod. If I’ve touched one, it’s only because I was with a niece or nephew who has one, and even then I can’t recall a specific time when I held an iPod in my hands. And now there’s all of this i-everything else out there. I’ll never get caught up. I’ve played the WII and Rock Band, also with nieces and nephews, and have super sucked at everything except being the lead singer on Rock Band. I can carry the tune, not well, but still carry.

The fact of the matter is…I’m simply not that interested. I guess I don’t see this as a fault, but it can put me in rather awkward situations when it’s obvious that I’m still living in the early 2000s (really, not that long ago). Still, I’m ok with my status. I didn’t play Atari or Pacman when they were new, either. I was never one to buy many cds. I’d still rather make a phone call then send a text, and when I’m reading a book I want to hold a BOOK, not a computer screen. Books just feel so good. Why would anyone replace that? I suppose the day will come when I’m asking much younger people to help me do something that they find ridiculously easy, and let it come. Then I’ll get to be the one who says, “You’re a genius.”

Some Changes Need to be Made
I’m a moody girl. This isn’t news to any one of you. It’s not news to me. I’ve always had streaks where I’m too grumpy, too emotional, too impatient, or just want to be left alone, but over the last year or more I think that it’s gotten to be too much. I think that my moodiness has at become a burden to others, and I’ve never wanted that. What I haven’t realized is how my attitude has made others feel, or the impression it’s left on them. I’ve always vented, and then felt better, and then moved on without seeing that I’ve left a black trail of muck behind. The muck needs to be cleaned up. I need to become the master of my moods. This isn’t to say I’ll never again get mad as ****, I’m just not going to dump it all over everyone. There will still be those trusted few who I will talk to when I need someone, but all of the people I work with, or see in the mall, or ride with in the elevator will no longer get the evil eye from me. And I’m going to be more rational about what’s worth getting worked up over and what isn’t. Most things aren’t. I’m hoping that by the end of this transformation I will be a pleasant person again, like I used to be, when I was young.

Another transition – I’m working on my weight an overall health, and have found that transitioning into better habits has worked better for me than trying to make dramatic changes all at once. First I gave up sugar (with a few slips, but for the most part doing well), and then moved on to overly-processed starches. I’m even thinking (Nicole) of giving up the Diet Coke. Ouch, just writing that made me hurt all over, but I am thinking about it. I’ve been walking more regularly, and have been happy with how much better I feel. I’m a work in progress. Then again, aren’t we all?

Well my friends, I think that’s it for today. Thanks, as always, for your continued support.
You are loved.


Sierra said...

This may motivate you to give up diet coke...
In July I gave up carbonation and, combined with the small amount of exercising I was doing, I dropped 5 pounds by the time I went to school. :)

Nicole said...

I'd like to add my props to Community. And DVR. It sounds like you're getting rid of all the things that are controlling you - a television schedule being a bigger burden than you would have believed before the DVR, eh? I love watching my shows when I feel like it instead of when they're on. AHHHH! Delicious.

See, Brian lost weight going off Diet Coke, too. The sugar in it makes you crave food. We should have a Major Award waiting for you if you can go one month without it. You can do it! :)