Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night

Those of you who used to work with me at the store are well aware of the horror that is Ladies' Night. I bet you still wake up in a cold sweat, don't you? I don't anymore because the store took my soul some time ago, like a Dementor. I haven't felt much since.

Anyway, last Saturday was Ladies' Night again. I was trying to find a means of defence before going in, and realized that the real reason for my stress in huge crowds is that I feel like I have to take care of all 3,500 of these women just as fast as I can, and then I get overwhelmed, and then flustered, and then irritable, and then angry. So, this time I decided that I wouldn't rush, just take care of each one, one at a time, without frenzy. It worked pretty well, and I finished the night without yelling, punching or kicking.

But there was one incident that is still making me shiver. I was ringing a woman up at the register. She held her hand out and said, "Will you throw this away?" I hate taking other peoples' garbage, but I held out my hand, and she dropped what she had into it. I turned toward the garbage can, and just before dropping it in saw that I was holding a wad of this woman's hair. Hair! From her own head! Ew! I felt my face screw up disgust, but I don't think she saw it. Hair. Honestly. Not ok.


Nicole said...

AH! That is the worst thing I've ever heard. Just for you I never shop anywhere on "Ladies Night." You're welcome. :)

Kelli said...

NASTY! I am glad the night wasn't the nightmare that it usually turns out to be! Though there is nothing like the feeling of locking the door after that last lady leaves the store. So much relief. If they only knew.