Friday, October 15, 2010

Scamming the Choir

As some of you may have heard, David Archuleta is singing with the Moromon Tab Choir at their Christmas concert this year. When I heard that, I immediately knew that I did not want to go. Sometimes you just know, you know. I also knew that my nieces would love to go, and later when I talked to Melody she told me that yes, indeed, their family wanted tickets. Some years ago the folks in charge of this program decided on using a registration then random selection system to give out tickets. They're free, and in very high demand. So a person goes online and registers for tickets, and then hopes to be picked. Here at the COB the feeling is that out-of-staters get preference in the picking. Knowing this, I asked my mom and Shane and Courtney's families if I could register their names. Here's the email I got back from Court:

Absolutely, I'm always looking for a way to scam the Mormon Tab. Choir! I hate them so much.

Ha! What did the tab choir do to you?!

About 12 years ago I tried out for Mo. tab.. For my audition I did a breathtaking rendition of the Twisted Sister classic "We're not going to take it". They said they would get back to me, but so far nothing.

They're still reeling. And looking at each other saying, "What the..." I understand your contempt.

So, we have several households, all over the country, registered for tickets. Wish us luck.

"I hate them so much." That's gonna be funny for a long time.


Sierra said...

That would explain why my mom wanted me to register for tickets even though I might not even be at home hahaha.

Add that to the pro side of the list about sending your kid to school out of state.

Tiffany said...

This is my new favorite story. I'm going to be laughing for months.

Kelli said...

Ha-ha! So funny. I didn't realize that your whole family had such a great sense of humor.

Andrea said...

Yet another example of the complete insanity of my husband. Thanks for the good laugh, Ang! Seriously, I was crying I was laughing so hard!