Friday, February 17, 2012

For My Cousins

My cousin and her husband recently lost their little boy, Drake.  He was born with cardiomyopathy (a heart condition) and died a few days later.  He was a fighter.  The doctors didn't expect him survive through her pregnancy.  He just kept holding on, and I was beginning to think that he was really going to make it.  My cousin and her husband handled everything with so much strength, an inspiration to all of us.  This is a little something I wrote for them.


Born to a mother and father whose love sustained him
Beyond all expectations,
Drake had a valiant spirit
Determined to have its small piece of this life

Before going on
Into the arms of the Lord,
To be cherished there
In his home in heaven,

Cherished by grandparents,
Great-grandparents, all those
Who have gone
On before him.

These great souls
Who see their children’s generations,
Who are angels
Watching over them,

Now have Drake in their midst,
So small, with the sweetest face,
So dearly loved,
So painfully missed,

Yet given over to God
By his parents with unshaken faith,
Showing their beautiful,
Gracious strength,

Supported by God,
By family,
By friends,
By generations of love,

And by Drake’s love
Radiating to them from heaven,
Giving them a tie
To eternity


Nicole said...

Beautiful. Thanks.

Stacy Peterson said...

Thank you Angie. We also got this in the mail today. It is beautiful and so thoughtful. Your heart is so big. We love you- J & S-