Monday, March 12, 2012

A Birthday in San Diego

I have for years wanted to go to the coast for my birthday.  This year Melody and I finally did it.  Much thanks, up front, to the Fabulous Melody for booking the flights and the hotel.  She's one of the best things that ever happened to me.  And she has a friend who gives us a deal at Marriott.  We had a bay view room on the 23rd floor, so swanky.

Breakfast every morning was at the Broken Yolk Cafe.  The food was good; we could walk from the hotel, and it had this awesome fan.   

After Eggs Benedict under the Big Ass Fan, we took a trolley tour of San Diego, with a stop in Balboa Park.  See the lovely Spanish architecture.

The botanical gardens in the park grew the prettiest orchids I've ever seen.  

Back on the San Diego port.   

On our second day we took the ferry across the bay to Coronado Island.  When I took this picture of Melody she said that it better not end up on Facebook.  She said nothing about the blog.

Coronado Beach

My toes in the water.   

The beach was gold, literally gold, white sand full of gold flecks, shimmery, iridescent, and indescribably beautiful. We spent the afternoon reading, walking in the water, reading some more, eating, chasing a seagull away from our leftovers (Melody did the chasing), and getting the worst sunburn I've had in years. Strange, we didn't even think about the chance of sunburn. It's March. It was a nice cool day.  We were wearing shorts and t-shirts, so fully clothed, and yet we were both flaming red by the end of the day. Best way to get a sunburn ever.

Coronado Beach is the setting for the Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis movie "Some Like it Hot".  This is the Hotel del Coronado, also in the film.  It's gorgeous.  The trolley tour man said that the wood was shipped down from Northern California by boat, and that it's the largest coastal, wood hotel in the world. 

We got home last night, exhausted, sore, relaxed and happy.  Happy Birthday to me.

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