Friday, April 24, 2009

A Week in Review

Hello all. It’s time once again for another edition of A Week in Review. I’m feeling rather uninspired today, so this may be short, but still good for the soul.

Ticket Purchase
I bought my ticket for my flight to Minneapolis on May 29th. That’s a Friday, and then Andrea and I will drive the family back here on Saturday and Sunday. We’re planning to drive through South Dakota and stop at Mount Rushmore. Marla and I have done that same thing with her kids, and it really is fun. Mount Rushmore is gorgeous – very impressive. It’s beautiful in pictures, but so much more so when you’re standing right in front of it, more than I expected it to be. There’s a boardwalk that makes a circle down close to the mountain and then back again with signs that give some history of the presidents and of the mountain-carving project. I’m looking forward to walking that with Spencer, my four-year old nephew. He’s a smart boy, and asks lots of questions. I think that talking some history with him will be fun.

I recently learned that Drew, my other nephew, likes to sing in the car, which will make for some very cute scenes on our road trip. And I will finally see little Amalia. It’s really going to be great. I wish that I was leaving today.

Here are pictures of the three of them, to refresh your memory (because you keeping my nieces and nephew straight is very important), and so that you’ll see why I’m looking forward to this so much. Look how cute!

Spencer, Lia and Drew
Speaking of History
I bought two more DVD documentary sets – one called “The Presidents” and another on the French Revolution. Reading a “Tale of Two Cities” (by the way have you started it yet? You were suppose to immediately start reading that book) peaked my interest in their revolution, so a documentary seemed just the thing. Both are produced by The History Channel, which always does a great job with their films. “The Presidents” will be a good review before going to Mount Rushmore. In fact, maybe I’ll bring it with me and watch it with Spencer so that he’s better prepared. Just kidding, he is only four.

He He
I just looked back at this to proof read, and noticed that I had written “hell all” instead of “hello all”. Hilarious, maybe I should have left it that way. I’m not a very good proof reader, and I’m sure that you’ve noticed all kinds of typos in my posts, but leaving that really would have been a mistake.

I really think that that’s it for today. Thanks, as always for being my friends.
You are loved.


Tiffany said...

Your trip sounds fun. Week in Review is my favorite!

Kelli said...

I have always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore! It sounds like a fun trip with the kids! Thanks for the update and not leaving the "hell all" as your greeting.