Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Bathroom Story

While in the ladies’ room this morning I was reminded of a story. No this won’t be gross, I promise.

Some time ago I was in a restroom here at the COB. There was a girl in the stall next to mine, and she was humming a little tune. As she got louder, I recognized it as “The Star Spangled Banner”. I don’t know how many people hum at random “The Star Spangled Banner”, especially in the bathroom? It’s a little odd. The humming got louder and louder, and then she started singing. The singing got louder and louder until she belted out in full voice:

And conquer we must,
While our cause it us just,
And this be out motto,
In God is our trust…

Singing the national anthem with gusto in a public bathroom stall, wow. And not the first verse that everyone knows, but the second or third, heck I don’t know what verse that was. I couldn’t help but be impressed.

I really didn’t want to meet up with this girl at the sink for hand washing. What would I say? It was all such a shock. So I waited in my stall until she was long gong.

And that was that – the whole story. But to this day I cannot figure it out. Why?…maybe…no, I’ve got nothing. She could sing though. I’ll give her that.


Kelli said...

IT WAS ME! Although it has been 4 years since I have been to the COB and I try to be as quiet as possible in the bathroom stall. I do love the 3rd verse of the Star-Spangled Banner and that part in particular! IT WAS ME. maybe. probably not. Very funny story!!!

Elise Peterson: said...

Patriotism at it's best :D

Tiffany said...

Nothing makes me feel more patriotic than pooping in a public restroom. Nothing.

Thank you for sharing this.