Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Early Week in Review

Since I'm leaving for Minnesota tomorrow (hooray!), so I thought I'd write a little something today - an abbreviated Week in Review.

Memorial Day
Isn't it nice to have a holiday? Of course, I realize that some professions don't get holidays (Marla reminded me that when you're a mom you never get a holiday), but for those of us who do (suckers), it really is nice. I spent mine with Marla and Jonah and William, three of my very favorites. When I got to Marla's, William was screaming from his crib. He was suppose to be napping, but must have gotten the instructions confused. I have over the years talked very sensibly with all of my baby nieces and nephews about the fact that every grown-up in the world would love to be able to nap whenever they felt like it, and so they should be grateful for the opportunity. They haven't paid much attention to me, but I bet that the day will come when they all tell me that I was right.

Anyway, Marla and I decided to put the boys in the car for a trip to the mall. William fell asleep about 2 minutes into the drive, so we decided to take a drive and let him sleep for a little while. We went out to the Salt Lake and looked at the sailboats. They really were pretty, especially against the blue sky and water. There are points on the lake where the sky and water blend together into a wash of blues - it's so nice. Jonah fell asleep on the way. Well, we think he fell asleep. He later told us that he was faking so that he could listen to what Marla and I were talking about. I don’t buy it, but if he was faking, then he’s a really good faker.

We got to the mall after about an hour of driving. I had a gift certificate for one pound of Sees candies that a coworker had given to me as a thanks for your work gift, so we took Jonah to the candy store and let him pick out some treats. He was, well, just like a kid in a candy store. Sees is good stuff. If you’re looking for a delicious English toffee, that’s the place to go.

After the mall we went back to Marla’s. She showed me how her garden is growing. They built some very nice looking boxes for a box garden this spring, and it’s working well. And then I went home for some laundry, and pizza delivery. All in all, it was a good day.

It’s important to keep your priorities straight
Yesterday when Fernando walked in to work, he told me that there was a soccer game on that afternoon that he really wanted to watch. The European Finals match between Barcelona and Manchester United was starting at 12:30. I thought that we could get a live feed on the internet, and started to look. Sure enough, ESPN was showing it, so I sent him the link, and at 12:30 he was ready for the game.

About 1:00, Cheryl and her husband were talking with Robert, one of our top bosses in the department. Cheryl knew that Fernando was in his office watching the match, and thought it would be funny to send Robert in there. She said, “Robert, why don’t you go into Fernando’s office and ask him if he can meet with you for a minute.” He was hesitant, so her husband went instead. He stood outside Fernando’s door, and said, “Fernando, Robert is wondering if you could come meet with him.”


That was it, just no.

Dr. Doty, “We’re just kidding you.”
Fernando, “The answer’s still no.”

So Robert, who is kind of a joker himself, walked in the office and closed the door. He came out and said, “I about got a soccer ball in the head!”

We all got a good laugh. Of course, we won’t be laughing anymore when we come in and find that the internet has been shut down. It’s always funny until someone loses their internet privileges.

I’ll let you know next week how the trip went, and share some pictures of Mount Rushmore. I really am excited!

Thanks, as always.
You are loved.


Kelli said...

Have a GREAT trip Ang! I can't wait to hear how it went! I have never in my entire 22 years of living here ever been to see boats on the Great Salt Lake! Sounds cool.

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