Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's the Clarks!

Those of you who used to work with me at Deseret Book will be excited about this....are you ready.....I got the blog address for Jimmy and Jenni Clark! Jenni was in the store last night. We talked a bit, learned that we both have blogs, and exchanged addresses. That really is life in 2008 isn't it? People swap blog addresses now.

It's It's very cute, and there are pictures of their three very cute children. I know, Jimmy and Jenni with three kids is mind blowing.

I used to kid fellow employees that when you sign on with Deseret Book, you sign over the rights to your soul. You can quit your job, but you never really leave. Who knew how true that would be. Some of my best friends were made at that store, and I'm so glad that the blogger world is keeping us in touch with each other. DB lives on.


Kelli said...

How exciting! I will go check it out immediately! It is true isn't it? I just had a good long talk with Terri the other day. It is amazing how much we all bonded under that roof! And for goodness sakes gal I can't keep up with all your posts you have done what, 3 in 2 days! Wow.

Tiffany said...

Amazing! Did you know that Jimmy and I (and Ryan) go all the way back to jr. high?

Thanks for sharing!

Clarks said...

Thanks for the pub. It is fun to find long lost friends. We think about you all the time and are excited to be able to keep in touch.