Monday, October 20, 2008

Scuba Diving is a Gray Area

I think that I've mentioned before that I teach primary in my ward, the 8-year old class. Yesterday we were practicing for our sacrament meeting program. I was sitting next to a very cute, very inquisitive boy in my class who asks questions on just about everything. The older kids' parts in the program are to give talks that they're written themselves, and our president was hoping that they would have them ready for the practice yesterday. Some did, some didn't. She had one of the children who didn't have his promise that he would be ready by our next practice, and then she had him pinkie swear.

The little boy next to me asked what a pinkie swear is. I said that it means that you absolutely promise to do something.

He said, "It's a permanent promise?"
"Even on a play day?"
"When you're swimming?"
"Scuba diving?"
"No matter what."

I didn't tell him this, but having given it more thought, I've decided that scuba diving might be the one thing that gets a person out of a pinkie swear.

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Kelli said...

Oh yeah. Scuba Diving and maybe hang gliding or sky diving!