Monday, January 12, 2009

50 Random Thoughts as Fast as I Can

I got this idea from Tiffany. She started a bit of a trend with it, and I'm going to join in.

1. I am so glad that Kate Winslet won not one, but 2 Golden Globes last night! She's been nominated 5 times, and this is her first win. Here she is getting a kiss from her husband.

2. I've been a fan of Kate since "Sense and Sensibility" came out in 1995.

3. I hope this means that she'll get an Oscar too.

4. "Sense and Sensibility" is still my favorite movie.

5. Jane Austen books make the best movies.

6. Almost better movies than books.

7. When in London, I saw some of Austen's manuscripts at the British Library.

8. The manuscript for "Jane Eyre" was there too.

9. It's one of my favorite books.

10. I'd go back to London right now if I could.

11. I spent some time with Jonah and William yesterday.

12. We went for a drive.

13. Jonah seemed surprised and disappointed by the fact that our outing really was just a drive.

14. Usually when Jonah and I are together it ends in me buying him stuff.

15. Yesterday I held tough.

16. When he realized his fate, he decided on a nap in the car.

17. Good boy.

18. A nap solves everything.

19. I napped for about 2 hours on Saturday.

20. And then went with Melissa to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

21. Very good show, although a little sadder than I had expected.

22. I'm wearing a gray turtle-neck sweater today.

23. Love sweaters.

24. Also loving 11:00 church this year.

25. I need to get started on my Primary lesson for Sunday.

26. There are about 16 different movies that I need to see before they leave the theater.

27. I don't really like odd numbers.

28. Except for 5, which kind of seems like an even number.

29. If anything significant happens to me in 2009, I'll wish it had happened in 2008 or 2010, because those are better numbers.

30. Of course, beggars can't be choosers.

31. Marla called, must pause.

32. I'm talking to William.

33. My fingernails are dark red today.

34. I usually don't wear such dark nail polish, but I'm liking this.

35. I'm very happy about the "30 Rock" kids winning Golden Globes too, and "Mad Men".

36. They're my new favorite shows.

37. It's time to sign up for my next online BYU class.

38. I think I'll go with a history class this time.

39. Maybe a history professor will be impressed with my boxed sets of documentaries?

40. At this rate, I'll get my Bachelors in 2022.

41. That's not too bad.

42. I'm walking during my lunch hour today.

43. I like to exercise.

44. I hate dieting and having to loose weight.

45. I wonder if a well-rounded shape will ever be considered beautiful again, like during the Renaissance?

46. Maybe I should wait and see?

47. No, probably not.

48. I ordered stuff on and am getting free samples!

49. Free cosmetics is one of life's great joys.

50. That's fifty.


Tiffany said...

I only saw a few minutes of the Golden Globes, but I did see dear Kate Winslet. I loved how she said, "Gather!" I want to be British soooo bad.

I also want to see several movies right now, preferably before they leave the theatre, but in reality that will never happen.

Kelli said...

So fun! Love your random thoughts!