Friday, January 23, 2009

A Week in Review

Hello All. It’s time for another spellbinding episode of “A Week in Review”. I haven’t done any other posts this week, so I might actually have something to say this time.

I’m at work right now, and have work to do, and am avoiding it to write a post instead. My boss doesn’t know.

Martin Luther King Day
Monday was a holiday for us office working types, and I celebrated my human rights by sleeping in. You know how some people say that when you have a schedule, your body adjusts and will naturally wake up at a certain time? That has never happened to me. I get up about 6:15ish on week days, but on a day when the alarm doesn’t go off I sleep like the dead for hours past 6:15. It’s my own special talent.

After getting up, I called Marla to see what they were doing. Luckily for me she had nothing going on, so we got together for some errand running. William and Jonah came with us. I know I’ve gone on and on about how cute William is, but honestly, I have a hard time taking my eyes off of him. When that baby is in the room, he’s all I want to look at. Good thing that he’s in a car seat in the back of the car when I’m driving. We went to the bookstore so that I could check the schedule, and then to Target. Wonderful, beautiful Target.

Jonah has lately had a special interest in seeing my apartment, so we went there after Target. I don’t know how he got it into his head, but lately he’s been saying things like, “Why don’t I ever get to see your apartment?” And “We never go to your house.” It surprised me that he wanted to go there so much, but I was happy to give him a tour. He did seem to like all of the family pictures that are up in my room, especially the ones of him and his brothers.

After shopping, Marla and I dropped the boys off with their dad at home and went to Chili’s. We love, love, love the chips and queso. Delicious. I love a good day with Marla. She’s a nice one to have around.

There was a Verizon Wireless store next to the Chili’s, and I needed a new phone, so we decided to stop in. My phone is years old and was dying. The battery wouldn’t last for more than two conversations. I don’t do much with my phone, other than talk to people, so I was looking at the simplest things they had. The sales person came up to help, and asked if I wanted internet and email? “No.” Did I need a keyboard for texting? “No.” What I needed was to be able to make and receive a phone call. They had a good looking LG on sale for $50 with a $50 rebate. Sold. It’s a much nicer phone than I had before, with a couple of new features (well, new to me). I can now download good ringtones rather than using the cheesy tunes that are already loaded in – I got some Coldplay songs! And I now have a camera, which will be very cool. A techo geek I am not, but the phone is fun. It’s ok if you are rolling your eyes and thinking, “Ang, you’re about 5 years behind the times” (Sierra). I know I am. I know.

I finished the book “Gilead” this week. I can’t tell you how good it is, and wish that I could give you all a copy and then make you read it. What a great story. Marilynne Robison worked some of the most beautiful paragraphs I’ve ever read, and there’s a depth to it that a person rarely finds in a novel. If you read it, please tell me what you think. I’d love to know.

What have I done?
December is a month for spending money, and some of that carries over into the first part of January. I find myself just buying stuff all Christmas season without giving enough thought to where the money is coming from and what might be left in my account. And then it’s hard to put the brakes on it when the holidays are over – especially with all of the sales going on. I think that everyone has a hard time putting their wallets away. The bookstore stays very busy for a few weeks after New Year’s. One Saturday earlier this month I was working the cash register, and had a long line, and kept thinking, “What is going on! Christmas is over. Why are you shopping? Go home. All of you. Right now!” Then later that day I was at the mall standing in a long line and had to laugh at myself.

This week I finally took a good look at my finances and almost cried. I am BROKE. Time to rein myself in – nothing new for me for a very long time (glad I had already bought the phone). I hate this so much, but it’ll me good for me right? A little self discipline. Sure. My eyes are starting to tear up again.

I think that’s it for today. Have I told you all how much I love reading your blogs, and feeling like we’re keeping in touch in this webbed up world? It’s the best.

Thanks, as always, for your absolute greatness.
You are loved.


Tiffany said...

I'm going to try this sometime, writing my week in review. It's brilliant.

I have the same spending problem in January. It's like there's no brakes on this speeding train! The last few weeks have been deliberately boring. :)

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you fell in love with Gilead, too. I haven't recommended it to very many people because I couldn't take hearing that someone didn't finish it or didn't want to marry it like I do.

Good luck not spending money for a while. :(

Kelli said...

Hey I got on the broke train the week after Christmas! Welcome aboard! It is a long boring ride. I will have to read Gilead! Thanks for the recommendation! So glad we are back in touch. I missed you.