Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Honoring my Father and Mother

I've been reading about the terrible cold snap in the Northern Midwest (Grand Forks North Dakota hit a new record low of 37 degrees below zero this week), so this morning I called home to see how my parents are doing.

Me, “Hi Dad. I heard it’s cold there.”

Dad, very cheerfully, “Yeah, this morning it was 20 below! But it’s going to warm up. It should be 30 degrees by Saturday.”

Me, “That’s 50 degrees warmer than it is right now.”

Some friendly chatting.

Me, “Well, put on something warm and go back to bed until it’s over.”

Dad, “Oh no. Mom is already up and at work (she substitutes in the elementary schools), and I’m going over to a meeting, and then am going to check out a new part time job.”

That’s my dad, out running errands when it’s -20 degrees. He and mom are both in their 70s now, and still not even arctic winds can stop them. It’s either incredible stamina, or they're senile. Either way, I can't help shaking my head and laughing.

I know that people think that I’m very obnoxious when I tell them that Utah winters are nothing, that 30 degrees isn’t cold, and that they have no idea what cold is. I suppose it is obnoxious, but until these people have withstood a week of subzero temperatures, until they get up and go to work when it’s 20 below, they really can’t talk about cold.

Mom and Dad, you really are remarkable.


Tiffany said...

Amazing. Truly.

Kelli said...

THAT is COLD! My goodness. I can't even imagine!