Friday, January 16, 2009

A Week in Review

Hello All. It's time once again for the beloved post, "A Week in Review". Brought to you by Crisco - good for all of your baking needs.

I called in sick to work today. I have chronic sinusitis. I have it, but don't know how to spell it, that might not be right. Anyway, sinusitis is a fancy word for being stuffed up all of the time, and then every 6 weeks or so developing a sinus infection. I hate it. My own doctor is at a loss as to what to do, and I've been to allergists and ENTs, had a C-scan done - nothing. The allergist said that I don't have an allergy that causes the problem, but instead have non-allergic rhinitis (nothing to do with rhinoceroses, it's a nose term) and will just be stuffy all of the time.

I'm sorry. I've just realized that this is boring. Let's move on.

So this week the stuffiness built into full-on sinus pain and exhaustion, and so I decided to stay home today. It's very difficult to decide to call in sick. I suppose I also have, along with the over active nose, an over active sense of guilt. Sometimes it's easy - when I'm so sick that I really can't function, then the decision is clear. But then there are those times when I'm miserable, but can still go to work if I have to, but really don't want to, and feel like I'll never get better if I don't take a day off, and then think that it's lame to stay home when I really can go... the inner debate goes on for about 30 minutes. Today the "stay home" voice won. I'm glad. My head really does hurt.

You know, when I'm sick I often think of all of you who have kids and really can't call in sick. That would suck. Marla's cute baby, little William, doesn't sleep at night, so she doesn't sleep at night. I honestly don't know how she does it. Of course, I'd love to have kids. It's still my biggest dream, but I sure would miss sleeping all day when I don't feel well.

Still there
I've noticed this week again that the people are still lined up at the Church Family History Library at 7:30 am. Even in January, when it's kind of chilly out before the sun comes up, those folks will not be kept from being the first ones through the door. They've got to be crazy. I mentioned before having them fill out a questionnaire to try to gain some understanding. The first question was:

1. What is wrong with you?

And then I think I'd follow up with something like:

2. Are you lost?

3. Have you mistaken the Family History Library for an IHOP or the Denny's?

This is an important question. If these poor souls think that they are going to get some delicious pancakes with a side of bacon and sausages as soon as those doors open, they are in for a terrible shock. It could make them shout obscenities, and we can't have that on Church property.

I've decided to start up French classes again. Some years ago, I signed up for French through the Continuing Education program at the U. They offered two classes, and when those were done, my teacher told us (kind of secretly so that she wouldn't get into trouble with the U) that she taught private classes in her home. So I started to study with her, every Monday evening from 6-7:30. It was fun. Her name is Catherine Thorpe, and she grew up in Paris. Along with working for the U, she does translation for the Church. Her language skills really are incredible. Her husband is a professional photographer, in fact, that's how they met. He was in Paris taking pictures. He does beautiful work, and their living room, where we have class, is full of pictures of Paris and France. It's gorgeous.

I have been studying with her for a few years. My French isn't great, not at all, but when Melody and I were in Paris last May I did speak some French with the Parisians, and it was really cool. I felt so good about that.

Last fall I felt like I had too much going on, so I took a break from classes. But now I'm really missing it. I called Catherine yesterday. My class is now on Wednesdays, and I think that I'll go ahead with it. I'm actually really excited about going back.

I think that's it. Thanks, as always, for your kind attention.
You are loved.


Tiffany said...

Ryan suffers from the same condition. About a year ago, I got him a neti pot. (Google it.) He hasn't had any significant problems since then. He uses it almost every day.

Kelli said...

My sister Alli also has the same condition! It seems so miserable! So where is this Catherine's home located. I would love to take French again although all I can remember is My name is Kelli and Shut the door! I can also remember "I understand a little French" Useful eh? You should totally take me with on your next European Vacation as a translator!