Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Poems

Due to popular demand (well, one request really), I’ve decided to share the poems I’ve written. Here’s what’s in my pretty little notebook so far.

Evening Light
I love the softness of
The evening sunlight, the
Way it makes the room glow.

Light’s gentle balm wraps
Around my tired heart and
Heals it, renews it.

I sit on my bed,
A book in my hands, and
Stare at the mountains

Through my window,
Green and rusty brown against the sky.
My mind goes blank.

I can rest here
Away from the work of
Shouldering disappointments,

Of dealing with a broken heart,
Away from the constant strain
of being ok.

It’s good to be alone in my room,
With my soul at ease, here in the
Quiet warmth of the evening light.

A haiku:
Something I’ve Said Many Times Already
A bead of sweat runs through
My hair, down my neck.
July is too damn hot.

Something for my nephew:
Baby Boy
William Maximus is a name
Fit for a great conqueror of
Nations, but right now
He’s working on his animal noises.

William will woof when he hears
A dog, and tries to whistle with
The birds, as he rides contentedly
In his stroller with his bottle and blanket.

William has baby soft, milk chocolate
Colored hair and dark chocolate eyes,
And a sweetness that is
Impossible to resist.

No one expected this baby boy.
With three boys already, his mom and dad
Were quite content,
But Heavenly Father knew

To add one more.
So many of life’s
Greatest gifts are
Its biggest surprises.


Tiffany said...

You can't see me, but I'm giving you a standing ovation. You are a beautiful poet. I loved them all, but might be partial to the first one. Beautiful imagery!

see-air-uh said...

I love your haiku!! These are good poems!

Kelli said...

Oh wonderful! More, more, please. I love them all but I really loved the William one. So sweet.

marlakim said...

Thank you for writing the poem about William Sorry it took me a while to read it but I love it and enjoyed it with tears in my eyes!

Thank you again
Love you for ever