Friday, July 10, 2009

A Week in Review

Hello All. It’s Friday, and it’s been two weeks since my last week in review. I’ve already told you my most interesting stories of the week, but let’s go ahead with this anyway, ok? Ok (I can never think “OK!” without picturing cheerleaders doing a little bounce and clapping. I think that our high school cheerleaders used to do that, “Ready? OK!” I’m a little troubled by all of this).

Simon Schama
There’s a new love in my life, and his name is Simon Schama. No, I’m not dating anyone. In fact we’ve never met, and he’s in his sixties, but he does documentaries (Sierra is now rolling her eyes) and writes books, and I love him. My first Schama experience was more than a year ago when I bought a boxed set called A History of Britain – 15 hours of glorious British history. He wrote and narrated the program, and it’s fascinating! He also wrote three books that go along with the series that I found and bought on Amazon. A few weeks ago I was flipping channels on the TV and landed on a PBS program called “The American Future, A History, by Simon Schama” and stopped dead. What luck! The show is so good. He’s taken four issues affecting society today, and then explored the history of those issues and how that history has lead to our current situation. The first one was on water supplies in the West. That doesn’t sound very intriguing, but he talked about the first settlers along the Colorado River, and building the Hoover Dam, the dust bowl of the 1930s, and then brought it all up to today, remarkable.

The next episode was even better – Americans and war. This one covered the Civil War, and the beginnings of Arlington National Cemetery (started by a man named Montgomery C. Meigs who lost a son in the Civil War. Anyone thinking of having another child should consider the name Montgomery – it’s a good one, good pet name too), and talked about Iraq and how it has dominated the last few political elections. He goes back and forth between the history and current events, and it’s amazing to see how it all weaves together. I sit and stare without moving or talking for the full hour. The last episode is on immigration and will air on Monday at 9:00on channel 7 in Salt Lake. Maybe we should set up a discussion board – just kidding. I’m not that big a geek.

Seriously, if I could I would sit and talk to this man for hours. He’s a genius.

Yesterday was Marla’s birthday. No one who knows me needs to be told again how much I love, love, love my sister. She’s the best. She spent yesterday with her family, and then we will go out next week, dinner and a movie, the new Harry Potter. Happy Birthday again Marla! You’re one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Speaking of – I’m kind of excited about the Harry Potter movie. The trailers look great. It’s been long enough since reading the book to not remember all of the details, so it will seem new. Should be fun.

I have a tendency when typing to leave the last letter off of words. Have you noticed that? Probably because I’m also not very good at proofreading. It used to be that I only had a problem with “your”, it was always “you”, but now I do with almost any word, and just randomly. So you have my apologies for all of the mistakes here. Hopefully you are able to work out what I’m trying to say without me actually writing it correctly. It all makes sense in my brain, really.

I think I’ll close today with two of the best dances from this week’s show. The first one made me cry, and the second made me giggle; they're suppose to be robbers. I laughed, I cried…you know the rest.

Thanks, as always, for all of the blogging joy.
You are loved.

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