Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Kids part 3

My brother Shane and his wife Donna live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They have five children. On the back row is Jonathon who is 10, and Jacob is 8. Bottom row - Matthew, 14, Michael, 6, and Josie is 11.

And finally, Courtney and Andrea. Court is my youngest brother, and he and Andrea live in Rochester, Minnesota. They have two little boys, and are due to have another baby in March.

Spencer is 3. He'll be 4 on August 27.

And this is Andrew. He's cuddly. He turned 2 in June.

There they are, all of my nieces and nephews. It's quite a group! They're so much fun. I've just loved all of my time with them.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Kelli said...

O my GOODNESS! These kids are huge and some of them I don't even know! I cannot believe that they have grown so much! They are darling and so very lucky to have you for a run, doting aunt!