Monday, August 11, 2008

The Kids

I've decided that after all of these years of telling my stories about my nieces and nephews, I'd give you a proper introduction to them through pictures. I'm going to do this in a few separate posts, because I'm not very good at downloading pictures, and five is all I can do at once.

Let's start with Aaron's family. Aaron is my oldest brother, and he and Kristi live in Herriman with their two children:

Cortni is 20 years old. She's engaged to be married to a very nice boy named Brad on September 12. She'll be 21 on September 16.

Noah - He's 5 and just started Kindergarten.

Barry comes next in my line of siblings. He and Melody live in South Jordan with Sierra, Mariah and Savannah, also known as "The Girls".

Sierra. Here she is in her prom dress. She's 17, and will soon start her Senior year at Bingham High School.

Mariah comes next. She's 15. She'll be 16 on September 23, and recently finished driver's ed, and passed her written test! Very exciting.

And then there's Savannah. It's hard to get a picture of her alone, because she really doesn't like to have her picture taken. She's in the Dr. Pepper shirt on the left. She's 14 and ready for 9th grade. It's her last year as a middle school student. PS - This was taken at Sierra's last dance recital. That's why the leotard and flowers.

To be continued....

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