Friday, August 15, 2008

A Week in Review

It's time for another installment of the intersting, yet entertaining, series "A Week in Review".

The Olympics
The Olympics are exciting, aren't they? I'm not one to watch sports on TV, but when the Olympics are on, every free minute is spent glued to it. I'm very into the swimming this year. And, like so many, have developed a bit of a crush on Michael Phelps. He's just incredible. Although, I have to say that as much as I'm rooting for Micheal to make his goal of a gold medal sweep, the most exciting race so far was the men's 4x100 relay. If you missed it, go to this link and watch the video titled "US Men win the 4x100m free relay". You won't believe it.

One of the commentators for the swimming is a kick in the pants. He can not control his excitement. By the time the swimmers make their final turn and are coming in for the win, he is yelling - really yelling. He yells through every race. I know it's intense, but dude, bring it down a notch.

I have to wonder what it is about the Olympics that is such a thrill, and I think it's in the inspiration that comes from watching the athletes accomplish impossible things. Every time I watch gymnastics, especially the floor and beam routines, and they jump and twist and flip so many times before they land I think, "It's not physically possible! A person should not be able to do that." But they do, and it's mind blowing. And it's so easy to get caught up in the emotions, to feel so happy for them when they win. To know that an entire life's work has built up to this one moment, and then they pulled it off. No wonder we tear up just watching them.

Breaking Dawn
Yes, I'm reading it. It's the one thing I have in common with the "tweens". The first three were entertaining. I didn't eagerly await the fourth book. Actually, by the time it was released, the glow of the first three had worn off, and I didn't know if I cared anymore. But there's a feeling of obligation to finish a series once started, so I bought it, finished the book I was reading, and then got started. It's ok. I'm not in love. There have been several sections that I just skimmed through. The quality of the writing is average at best, but still I find myself caring just enough about the vampires and their girl to read to the end.

I've thought about why the Twilight series is so popular. It's certainly not great writing. Some have referred to it as the next Harry Potter, but it's not near the same all-around quality as Harry. Still, millions love it, and I think I've narrowed down a reason. It's a love story. More specifically, it's a story about an ordinary girl being absolutely adored, loved to the point of obsession, by a more than ordinary guy. Girls want that. They want it for themselves. They want to believe it's real. It's all of the same reasons why fairy tales where written hundreds of years ago, and why little girls are still watching them in Disney version today. Is that healthy? Maybe not, but then again it's not going to do any great harm. If there's one thing that Stephanie Meyer has done right with her series, it is that she created a love that girls long for. They might not ever get it, but at least they can read about it.

I'm taking Jonah to "Star Wars the Clone Wars" after work today. He's so cute. He's been wanting to see it since seeing the first commercial for it. He even memorized the opening date. I told him some time ago that we'd go. Last Saturday when I was babysitting, he asked me very seriously, "Angie, what time will you be here on August 15?" He wanted the movie plans to be set well in advance. So I will be there at 5:00 and we'll go. It's fun to know that he's excited about it.

People think I'm pretty great for doing these things with the kids, but I'm not. Really. I'm not. It's 100% selfishness, and is all about one simple point - vanity. I want very much to be adored. That, and I honestly have fun with them. Lots of fun. So, it's all about me. Shouldn't everything be all about me?

The Funk
I've thrown off the blues I was feeling last week, and am back to myself again. Well, except for the sleep deprivation that comes from the Olympics showing until 12:30 every night. I have, though, taken seriously my goal to get into shape, and am happy to report that I've lost 4 pounds! Ta Da! I've lost 12 all together over the last several months. Still such a long way to go, but some progress feels good.

My good friend Tiffany and her family left on Thursday for the big move to Delaware/Pennsylvania. Why two states? Her husband will be teaching at the University of Delaware, but they're actually living in Pennsylvania. She made me promise to visit, and I hope she meant it because I do. I definitely want to go. Tiff - good luck. It's going to be great. You're one of the coolest people alive.

Viva la Vida
I found the Coldplay "Viva la Vida" video online this week. It's cool. I realize that this is my third mention of the band in a review, and if your thinking "enough already!" you're probably right. I'm seeking professional help. They've diagnosed an obsessive compulsive disorder. Treatment is pending. In the mean time, here's the video link.

That's it for this week's edition. Thanks, as always, for your awesomeness.
You are loved.


Kelli said...

I love your weekly updates. I finally got to watch the Olympics last night and it was thrilling. I feel bad I have missed so much! My boys have all decided to be swimmers! Thanks Mr. Phelps. I am so jealous of the 12 pounds! You really will inspire me! Hopefully soon the inspiration will kick in maybe after I finish off this pie.

Nicole said...

The yelling commentator is that dog, Rowdy Gaines. He's so easy! Even if it isn't that close he's flipping out. Fun. You need Tivo or a DVR.

My sister, Jennie, says there is a hilarious review of Breaking Dawn on the LA Times website. I'm going to go find it. You should too so we can be twins. :)