Friday, August 29, 2008

A Week in Review

Hello all. It's time for another mind-blowing edition of "A Week in Review".

Such an Activist Now
I went to a local presidential campaign office and did some volunteer work this week. Are you shocked? Me to. I've never been so involved, and even now am wondering just what it is I think I'm doing? I signed up to do some data entry, but when I got there found out that they needed me to bring my own laptop, and I don't have a laptop, so that dream was over. I told them that I'm really not brave enough to make phone calls, so they had me man the reception desk. That was kind of fun. I answered the phone, answered questions, and in my down time put together yard signs for people to buy. I was there for two hours.

There's a funky atmosphere in a campaign office. People talk about why they've volunteered, how they feel about all that's going on in the world. They have strong opinions on all things politics, and they're all jacked-up about their candidate. Lots of energy. It was fun to see, but I felt like an outsider looking in. As much as I like the candidate, I'm really not so...what's the word...committed? Fanatic? They were organizing a canvassing event for Saturday, where people go door-to-door with information. There's just no way I'm doing that. I went tracting on my mission for something I'd believed in all of my life, and even then never got over the nerves I felt with every door. So, while I feel good about being involved, I really can't see being that involved. I tend to think that people have plenty of opportunities to research the candidates for themselves and then make a decision. Is door-to-door necessary? I might just make another contribution, get to the polls and vote, and call it good.

Another Treasure is awesome. I found a hardcover copy of "Jane Eyre", one of my favorites, that was printed in 1847 on sale for just $25. I had heart palpitations when I saw it. Of course I bought it. The book's not here yet, but I'll let you know when it is. 1847! I can't imagine holding a book that's 161 years old. So exciting.

I'm sorry, other than that, I just don't have much to tell you. It's been a quiet week. I am looking forward to the weeks coming up. My parents and brother's family will be in town for my niece's wedding on September 12, and then I'm leaving on the 17th to go to Minnesota for a cousin's wedding. Lots of weddings! My brother and his wife and two boys will be staying at my place, which will be fun. His little boys are adorable. It'll be very good to see them. And, when I'm in Minnesota I'll be with relatives that I haven't seen for years. It'll be a jam packed September.

I guess that it's for now. Thanks, as always, for being the coolest people alive.
You are loved.

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Tiffany said...

Another great post! I don't know if I could go tracting for a political cause, but I admire you for volunteering. So much.