Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Halloween Story

Hi, this is William. Angie is letting me use her blog to tell you about Halloween. She's nice. She always tells me when she puts pictures of me on the computer, so I figured she'd do it again. I asked if I could tell the story this time. She's actually doing the typing because my hands are very small, and the only computer I've ever used is a toy.

Here it is, my first Halloween!

Actually, I was alive for Halloween last year, but I was only 8 months old, and didn't really get it. We found this picture of me trick-or-treating a year ago.
I didn't know what I was missing.

Now I'm 20 months old, that's almost 2 years, and am definitely old enough for Halloween! Mom picked out my costume, and that's ok. I think that if I could have told her what I wanted to be, I would have gone with a pirate, because pirates are awesome, but I can't really say the word pirate, or any other words, so I had to go with what she bought me.
I was suppose to take a good afternoon nap so that I wouldn't be tired and crabby all night, but I'm not very good at sleeping, so that didn't happen. When mom was stuffing me into that lion suit I was a whiny. How was I suppose to know what was going on? It all seemed very strange. But after the suit was on I was ok with it. Mom and Dad took me outside for pictures. Then, this person in a black sheet showed up, and he really made me nervous. He kind of sounded like my brother Zac, and everyone was calling him Zac, but I wasn't sure. They had him hold me for a picture. Not cool.
Why do people do this to me?
But it all got much better after that. Jonah and his friend had already started trick-or-treating, so we ran to catch up. Being 7, Jonah is a good trick-or-treater. Mom, Angie and I followed him. "Zac" (I'm still not sure) came with us too, on the golf cart. He was there to give us rides when we got tired, or if someone had to go home to use the bathroom.
Jonah is in the Ninja Turtle costume. Angie was falling behind. I had to get her.
We went to a house, knocked on the door, and a very nice lady opened it up. She talked and laughed and said that I was a very cute lion. She had a bowl full of brightly wrapped pieces. Mom showed me how to take one and put it in my pumpkin, and then she said that it was candy. Candy?! Really?! I was kind of shy about taking anything, which made everyone laugh even more. I guess they thought it was adorable. Who knows? The nice lady closed the door, and Mom and I walked back to the sidewalk.
Wow, that was fun.
And then we got to do it all over again.
After a few houses I was loving trick-or-treating! I ran from house to house. Sometimes I had to stop to grab Mom or Angie's hands so they could keep up. Jonah was running, too, so really we were all just trying to keep up with him.

After a while that pumpkin got heavy, and it was hard to keep my balance. I kept falling over. Mom asked if she could carry it, and I didn't want her to at first, but let her after the second fall.
At almost every house there was a lady who wanted to talk to me. I'd take a piece of candy and put it in my bucket, and then go to take some more. Putting candy in the bucket was fun. Mom would try to stop me, but the ladies always laughed and said that it was ok.
But sometimes a boy would answer the door, and he'd let me take my candy, but he didn't talk to me. So I'd stand there and smile, and look at him, and wait. Where's the conversation? Then Mom would take my hand and lead me away from the house. Huh. It's more fun when nice ladies open the door.

We were out trick-or-treating for a long time. There were lots of other kids too, and that made it even more fun. By the time it got dark, I was very tired. Mom carried me from house to house until we came to my uncle's home, and that's where we stopped. It's a good thing Zac was there (and that the guy in the sheet was gone) with the golf cart because I couldn't walk home. Angie held me while Zac drove us. Mom stayed with Jonah to go to a few more houses. When we got home I found my dad, and he picked me up, and I laid my head on his shoulder and stayed there for a long time. I almost fell asleep. Trick-or-treating is very tiring. But so much fun!

The End.


Tiffany said...

This is so adorable! I hope William will write more often with those tiny fingers.

Kelli said...

William is a natural story teller. It must run in the family. I am so glad he enjoyed his first "real" Halloween! He is the cutest little lion!

Melissa said...

Very cute!