Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Star-Studded Weekend


That’s what I heard in constant streams for hours on Saturday. THE David Archuleta did a signing at the store, and boy can those teenage girls scream. Actually, I didn’t mind the girls screaming so much. They were excited and it was kind of fun to watch them. Most were there with their mom’s who laughed at their silly girls, or with their dad’s who seemed to be grinding their teeth. By the time those dad’s got up to the cash register to pay for the autographed cd they looked exhausted. What good men.

The fans who gave me reason for some concern were the women who were at least my age and there by themselves (no daughter to give them an excuse) wearing their own David t-shirts and giddy smiles. I try to give everyone some leniency in judgment, well out loud anyway, in my head the leniency isn’t what it should be, but come on! 40 is way too old to be crazy about David Archuleta.

David himself seemed like a nice kid. Very nice. He made a grand entrance down the stairs into the crowd (I think the screaming can still be heard hovering in the air over that part of Midvale). He smiled and waved and asked everyone how they were doing, and was honestly happy to be there, and was gracious with the fans. I was impressed.

His manager on the other hand was large and in charge. It worked well. Someone had to take command, and him being so rigid made it possible for David to be so nice, and kept him from being mobbed. We also had two officers from the Midvale police department there for security. Crazy huh? DB was a regular rock star venue last Saturday. Within the two hours that he was there we sold 500 cds, and saw three times as many teenagers. I think we were all a little dazed when he left.

I spent all of my time at the cash register, so I didn’t get to meet him or take a picture (like some of my coworkers did, honestly my nieces would KILL for that), but I did add a cd to the pile that he signed for employees, and then gave it to my nieces, and then got good hugs, which is better than meeting a pop star. And I got some pictures of him with my phone, but I honestly don’t know how to get pictures out of my phone, so you can’t see them. You’ll just have to trust me.

On Sunday I had dinner with Barry, Melody and the girls, and then we watched REAL Salt Lake win the Major League Soccer championship! WoHooo! I have to confess to a moment of realization, both of our team and of my own stupidity. We were watching the pregame hoopla and saw David Beckham walking into the stadium all dressed to the nines. How nice, he’s coming to the game. By the way, if you don’t know who David Beckham is, you should probably move out from under the rock where you’ve been living. He’s a world famous soccer player. Anyway, a few minutes later we saw Beckham out on the field warming up. What the…wait… why…. “Melody, is our team in the same league as the David Beckham team?” The look she gave me was probably the most scathing look she's ever given anyone. She’s a big REAL fan. All this time I’ve thought that we were part of a minor league, some small-town-pretending-to-be-cool soccer team. No way, man. We play with the big boys in the major league. I had no idea. Imagine my embarrassment. Of course the family wasn’t going to let that go, and through the whole game there were comments on how well REAL was doing for a pretend team.

And they did very well! They were tied at the end of regular playing time, and so there was 30 minutes of overtime. Still tied, so they did a series of penalty kicks, five for each team, and Salt Lake finished one point ahead, and the national champions, of a major league. Very cool.

Melody is at the stadium store this morning buying championship gear, and I think that she’s getting me a scarf! I have a scarf from the game that we went to in England, and now this. Someone might mistake me for a real sports fan.

My parents were here last week, and we all had a nice time. We didn’t go to many places, but rather each of my siblings took turns having dinner at their homes, and we just hung out. It was relaxing and good. Here are a couple of pictures from our evening at Barry’s. William has learned how to scoot backwards down the stairs. The other is of the kids playing Rock Band. I love their serious faces. Loud rock music, very serious faces.

Hope you all have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!


Sierra said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My favorite part was the soccer paragraph! Oh man.
Also, you forgot to mention I beat you at Apples to Apples. Seriously.

Nicole said...

You're all about meeting the famous people lately, aren't you? And I liked the soccer comment too. That would be an awful lot of money and a really nice facility for a minor league soccer team - if REAL was a minor league soccer team. You know. :)

Kelli said...

Totally reminded me of the 70 year olds and Donny! Ha ha