Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Weekend Recap

Not working for two days in a row really is nice.

I’d get bored if it happened all the time, but every now and then is great.

Speaking of great, I sure do like a turkey dinner.

Especially the stuffing.

And the rice & broccoli casserole.

What? You don’t have rice & broccoli casserole? I suggest you call my sister-in-law for the recipe.

It’s nice to be the girl who is invited to someone else’s house. I didn’t have to make a thing.

Sierra beat me at Apples to Apples.

She beat me bad.

I’m crying.

We took a nice walk through the neighborhood and around a little lake.

The lake had a thin sheet of ice over it.

We threw rocks through the ice.

I just got very confused with threw and through.

While walking, I poured my heart out to my big brother, and he solved my problems.

Every girl should have a Barry in her life. He even gave me a hug and an “I love you Ang.”

I’m crying again.

After the walk we played Scattergories, and if we’d kept score I think I would have redeemed myself from the Apples game.

I’m sure I beat Sierra.

Take that Sierra.

Then we watched While You Were Sleeping because Melody wanted to.

I forget how good that movie is. Very charming.

I slept in forever on Friday.

I am not one of those suckers who go to the store at 4am.

If you are one of those, then I’m sorry I called you a sucker.

But only kind of sorry.

I cleaned my apartment. Man did it need that.

And then I worked on photo albums.

The kids sure were cute when they were little.

Sometimes I forget what they looked like then. They’re so grown up now.

And Sierra likes to beat me at games, and that’s not cute.

But I love her still.

I love them all.

Melissa and I went to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Fantastic! It's really fun.

You should see it.

And then we ate Pei Wei.

Also fantastic.

Saturday I had to muster up all of my courage and strength and go to work at the bookstore.

And found that it really wasn’t bad.

Not nearly as bad as I had feared.

Marla and I took Jonah to the mall that evening, and it wasn’t too crowded either. Nice.

Jonah thinks that going to a store with Angie means that Angie will buy him something.

I bought him a cookie.

The girls used to think that same thing.

I blame myself.

On the way home I noticed all of the pretty decorations up on the street lights and smiled.

Christmas lights are gorgeous.

My primary lesson on Sunday went pretty well.

The kids always ask me if I brought snacks, and I always say no.

I’m not as nice a primary teacher as I am an aunt.

But I promised them that I’ll bring something next time.

I better write that down and remember it.

I spent all afternoon sitting on my bed with the bright sunshine coming through my window and reading.

Until I fell asleep.

So nice.

And then I watched TV until bedtime.

Sometimes a lazy Sunday is good for the soul.

That’s my recap.
Hope you all had a lovely holiday!
And are ready for all of the fun and the chaos that is Christmas.

Here’s a trailer for Mr. Fox. It really is funny.


Kelli said...

Loved the trailer. Loved the recap of your weekend. I am with you on the sleeping in on Black Friday thing. I also went out on Saturday afternoon and it was fantastic! I am sorry you lost at Apples to Apples. I am thankful that I still have a connection to you after all these years. You still make me smile!

Melissa said...

Very entertaining :)