Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh All Right

Sierra and I have a bit of an Apples to Apples rivalry going on. Have you ever played Apples? It's a fun, fun game, a family favorite. Some time ago we started a battle of words, me telling her that she's going down. Her telling me that she's not going anywhere. Neither one of us has ever won the game (against the whole group), not that I remember anyway, but we each feel pretty good about beating each other. And by the way - it's usually me beating her.

Last Friday we played Apples with the family, and she beat me by one card. A crushing defeat. Humiliation. She commented on my last post that I didn't mention her beating me, so I'm going to be mature and give Sierra kudos for her victory. This is easier for me knowing that it will be her last one. Her very last.

There's going to be a Thanksgiving smack down.

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Sierra said...

HAHAHA Oh man I laughed so hard! Thank you!